Running 15min - 8 weeks (complete beginner)

Beginner 8 weeks 1x/week
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We're going to start out the programme by alternating between running and walking, to get your muscles and joints used to gentle, gradual exercise.

As the days go by and you progress, you'll be able to run for 15 minutes without stopping.
But that's just a start; you'll move on from there and then start a new programme to progress further and take on new challenges.

Before you begin, visit your doctor for a check-up to make sure you have no medical condition that may prevent you from making the physical efforts demanded in running.

You need to have Decathlon Coach application to launch this program !

Week 1 - Let's go!

The sessions always start and finish with walking. That way, you increase the duration of the effort without increasing the amount of stress on your joints. Walking's also a good way to warm up gradually and then warm down again at the end.

  • 01. 24 x (20s running / 30s walking)

Week 2 - Now we'll increase the running time

During these sessions, you should still be able to talk during the running phase. In this programme, what counts is the duration of the effort, not the speed at which you go.

  • 02. 20x ( 30s running / 30s walking)

Week 3 - Running time is now going up to 1 minute

As well as increasing the running time, we're proportionally reducing the resting time. You can do it - just don't run too fast!

  • 03. 15x (1min running / 45s walking)

Week 4 - We're going up to 2-minute runs!

Same thing again, keep your breathing easy (you should be able to talk while running) and you'll make it!

  • 04. 10x (2min running / 1min walking)

Week 5 - 20 minutes of running spread out over 5 intervals!

If you find yourself struggling to complete a session, you can always go back and do the previous session instead. There's nothing wrong with re-programming your training.

  • 05. 5x (4min running / 2min walking)

Week 6 - 21 minutes of running in 3 intervals

Take every opportunity you can in everyday life to do physical activity: take the stairs (not the lift), walk to do the shopping, go by bike, go hiking...

  • 06. 3x 7 minutes of running

Week 7 - 2 repetitions of 10 minutes!

Second-last week. If you've stuck to this gradual training programme so far, you're going to make it!

  • 07. 2x 10 minutes of running

Week 8 - Come on, try running for 15 minutes without stopping!

You can already run for 20 minutes in stages. Now it's time to run for 15 minutes without stopping. Don't set off too fast, stay in easy breathing mode and you'll make it!

  • 08. 15 minutes of running without stopping.

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"You've decided to take up jogging: we congratulate you on your good resolution! We'll help you to keep up and develop a taste for running!"
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