Flatten your stomach

Beginner 4 weeks 3x/week
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Want to flatten your stomach? This programme was made for you!

the only goal: to have fun.

So take on this 4-week programme. It will help strengthen your entire body, especially your stomach.

The idea is simple: 3 workouts per week over 4 weeks. The exercises evolve over the weeks to help you reach an intermediate level by week 4.

Enjoy the programme!

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Week 1 - Discover the exercises

Let's start the first week!
Start off this program by prioritizing the quality and accuracy of movements!
What matters here is that you use proper technique because the slower your movements are, the more you will feel and the better you will understand how your body moves.
During each rest, make sure to practise smooth, deep belly breathing.

  • 01. Workout 1 (15 min)
  • 02. Workout 2 (15 min)
  • 03. Workout 3 (15 min)

Week 2 - Continue to engage your core

Let's dive into the second week of the programme. Technique is still our main priority. Take time to copy the coaches in the videos so that you learn and master the movements correctly.

  • 04. Workout 1 (15 min)
  • 05. Workout 2 (15 min)
  • 06. Workout 3 (15 min)

Week 3 - Progress with new exercises

Let's start the third week! Continue to work on technique so that you can perfect each movement.

  • 07. Workout 1 (15 min)
  • 08. Workout 2 (15 min)
  • 09. Workout 3 (15 min)

Week 4 - Goal flat stomach

This is the last week, you're in the home stretch! Push yourself to the limit and challenge yourself to do better every workout and be proud of yourself!

  • 10. Workout 1 (15 min)
  • 11. Workout 2 (15 min)
  • 12. Workout 3 (15 min)

Coach advice

"The goal of this programme is to tone your entire body, especially your stomach, to help you become more "beautiful" in your own eyes. Get ready for your workout by finding a space large enough to practise pilates and putting on comfortable clothing. Get a mat ahead of time to make sure you can exercise comfortably."
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