Get Fit Routine

Beginner 4 weeks 7x/week
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This 4-week Pilates programme includes daily 15-minute workouts to tone up and strengthen your whole body. You'll need a mat for the different exercises. The strength-training exercises will help you improve your posture, core strength, range of movement and flexibility. Anyone can do this programme. Set up in a quiet place, with socks or barefoot and a comfortable outfit.

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Week 1 - Your first week of Pilates workouts

You're starting the first week of your programme. Congrats. Take the time to set up in a quiet, pleasant area. Focus on your body and how you feel. And remember the aim is to enjoy yourself!

  • 01. Body awareness (17 min)
  • 02. Pilates and core (17 min)
  • 03. Pilates and mobility (18 min)
  • 04. Pilates for the glutes (20 min)
  • 05. Pilates and joint mobility (19 min)
  • 06. Pilates for the back (17 min)
  • 07. Pilates and toning (19 min)

Week 2 - Increase your muscle tone

You started your programme last week and discovered a variety of full-body exercises. This week, we've got new sequences for you.

  • 08. Pilates and centring (21 min)
  • 09. Pilates and stretching (18 min)
  • 10. Pilates and posture (18 min)
  • 11. Improve your joint mobility (18 min)
  • 12. Strengthen your core (18 min)
  • 13. Toning and mobility (18 min)
  • 14. Strengthen your lower body (21 min)

Week 3 - Pilates - Intermediate

You're halfway through your training programme and are about to start the third week of your Pilates routine. This week, we've got new sequences and new challenges for you.

  • 15. Pilates and posture (17 min)
  • 16. Full-body toning (20 min)
  • 17. Slim and trim (19 min)
  • 18. Improve your flexibility (17 min)
  • 19. Abs (19 min)
  • 20. Pilates and stretching (19 min)
  • 21. Pilates sequence (19 min)

Week 4 - Challenge yourself

You've made it to the last part of your training programme. You should already be feeling more toned and flexible, and will continue your efforts to feel even better over the next 7 days

  • 22. Pilates for the glutes (24 min)
  • 23. Pilates for the back (18 min)
  • 24. Pilates and general strengthening (19 min)
  • 25. Get a slimmer waist with Pilates (19 min)
  • 26. Lower body strengthening (22 min)
  • 27. Improve your joint mobility (17 min)
  • 28. Move better to live better (21 min)

Coach advice

"This 4-week programme includes short and effective daily workouts. Be sure to listen to your body. Modify the exercises and range of movement depending on how you feel. Start with smaller movements for which you can maintain your form, and once you feel more comfortable with the exercise, gradually increase your range of motion. Over to you."
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