Body sculpting

Beginner 3 weeks 2x/week
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For this programme, you'll do a series of simple exercises very slowly to tone your entire body.
The aim is to listen to your body and get stronger at your own pace.

Whether you're already quite athletic or just getting started, this programme will wake up your muscles and leave you feeling great. As the days go by, you'll get a better feel for what your body is able to do. You'll need a fitness mat and a pair of dumbbells.
Wherever you set up, make sure you've got enough space to workout safely.

Enjoy the programme! :)

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Week 1 - Learning the exercises

This week is all about learning the exercises. Since the goal is to get stronger, take your time, even if you don't do very many reps. The workout time will increase gradually throughout the programme.

  • 01. Learning the exercises (26 min)
  • 02. Mastering the exercises (26 min)

Week 2 - Getting better

This week is about increasing the workout time. Feel free to take a break or skip to the next exercise if anything is too challenging.

  • 03. Increasing the workout time (30 min)
  • 04. Mastering the exercises (30 min)

Week 3 - Calorie blast

This week, we'll increase the workout time again. It's up to you to decide whether you want to repeat week 2 of the programme or if you're ready to level up.

  • 05. Increasing the workout time (34 min)
  • 06. Mastering the exercises (34 min)

Coach advice

"I suggest watching all the exercises before getting started so you have a better idea of how to do them once you start the workout. It's important to listen to your body and go at your own pace. Little by little, you'll reach your objectives. Most of all, believe in yourself - you can do it!"
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