Glutes Challenge (hard)

Expert 1 weeks 7x/week
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How does a week-long cardio challenge to boost your motivation sound?

Stay motivated and don't give up!
Lunges and jump squats are a great way to get shapely legs and strong glutes, not to mention blast away the calories!
As you go through the workouts, you'll increase the time you spend doing each exercise to push yourself and sculpt your legs.
Émilie, your Domyos trainer, created this one-week challenge to do when and with whomever you want as you follow along with the video!

To perform the exercises in this programme correctly, clear an area of approximately 2 x 1.5 m.

Remember to turn on the sound for the best experience.

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Week 1 - Seven-Day Glutes Challenge

To successfully complete a sport challenge, we suggest following a few basic guidelines:
- Try to workout out with one or several friends who have a similar fitness level as you to encourage each other.
- Stay optimistic and don't set your expectations too high or skip steps. We promise you'll see results.
- Remember to eat a healthy, balanced diet.
- Don't forget to stay hydrated and to take the time you need to recover after every workout.

  • 01. Day 1: 5'
  • 02. Day 2: 6' 30"
  • 03. Day 3: 8'
  • 04. Day 4: 9' 30"
  • 05. Day 5: 11'
  • 06. Day 6: 14'
  • 07. Day 7: 17'

Coach advice

"After seven days, doing 10 straight minutes of jump lunges and alternating side squats is actually possible!"
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